Tampa SEO – Recently Google made another significant change to their Local Business Map results. Now instead of showing 7 business, they are only show 3. You may also have noticed that the business phone numbers are not appearing in the desktop view anymore, however, the phone icon does appear in the Mobile view search […]

Not all websites are created equal. After working with hundreds of clients, we discovered sites such as WordPress rank better than template driven Free sites such as wix, square space etc. We can convert these type of site to a Mobile Responsive WordPress business site, especially  if ranking in the Search Engines is important to your […]

Google is rolling out the new Mobile Friendly Web Design algorithm. The apex has been reached where mobile devices are used more than lap or desktop computer and Google is changing their algorithms to adapt to these usage patterns. Google announced on their blog February 26th, 2015 that they will be expanding their “mobile-friendliness” as […]

If you are in a highly competitive metropolitan area such as Tampa, FL. SEO friendly web design must be one of the most important aspects of your overall marketing program. Localized Tampa SEO inside of your Tampa web design [sic] can give you the edge that you need in order to stand out above your […]

Tablet sales are skyrocketing as more competitors are entering the scene and creating highly portable mobile computing options for users who need the power of a laptop in the convenience of a tablet. In addition, a large percentage of the population now carries a smartphone. These two factors combined have led to a sudden need […]